Question: Will iSmartCover® allow me to keep my speaker outdoors all year around?

Answer: Yes, iSmartCover® was invented, designed and patented specifically to allow a smartspeaker to function outdoors in all weather types, never having to unplug or move your smartspeaker. 


Question: Is iSmartCover® waterproof?

Answer: iSmartCover® is water resistant and design to keep the speaker completely dry while allowing input and output sound waves to travel through the iSmartCover®.


Question: Can iSmartCover® work in the snow?

Answer: All iSmartCover® products are designed to withstand snow. We highly recommend the iSmartCover® Heated model with the heating element for dealing with extremely cold climates. 


Question: Where can I buy an iSmartCover®?

Answer: iSmartCover® products are exclusively sold on Amazon Prime and on this website.


Question: Does an iSmartCover® have a warranty?

Answer: iSmartCover® products come with a limited 1 year warranty.


Question: Does iTechnology LABS accept returns?

Answer: Yes, we accept all unopened orders with in 30 days of purchase. 


Question: Which smartspeakers will iSmartCover® work with?

Answer: Generation 1 models fit the smartspeakers below

• Amazon Echo Generation 2 and 3

• Amazon Echo Dot Generation 1, 2, 3 and 4

• Google Home and Google Home Mini

• Google Nest and Google Nest Mini