Leave Your Smartspeaker Outdoors

Fits Most Smart Speakers

Rain and Snow Resistant

Worlds first weather resistant smart speaker cover

Microphone is uninhibited, allowing for full interaction with smart speaker while enjoying the weather resistant protection of the iSmartCover®. 

Fits the following smartspeakers:

• Amazon Echo Generation 2 and 3

• Amazon Echo Dot Generation 1, 2, 3 and 4

• Google Home and Google Home Mini

• Google Nest and Google Nest Mini

Uninhibited sound input and output

Several sound tests using acoustic targeting apparatuses have concluded that the iSmartCover output sound is amplified by up to 2 dB.


Protect your smartspeaker from the elements.

iSmartCover® With Heating Element for Cold Climate

Models with heating elements can function over 24 hours at temperatures below -30˚C


Just received this and put it to use immediately with my Google home. I couldn’t be happier. The sound is great and now I know my device is protected.

Amazon Customer

It's unbelievable! Used this outside with my quad Echo setup around the pool. Has been over 3 months, it rained a lot, they work like a charm!

Ebay Customer